Akashic Records & Online Dating

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Summary: Lisa Barnett, internationally known Certified Teacher & Consultant of the Akashic Records, AKA ‘Book Of Life’ explains how to access your Soul’s Library to heal issues in your life. Lisa brings more than 15 yrs. of spiritual counseling and energetic healing to clients to help them break through blocks, clear pain and fear to create the life their heart and soul desire. Info on readings & Tele-seminars available at www.akashicknowing.com Beverley Golden, Huffington Post contributor and frequent guest on our show discusses her research, writings and her own experience with the Akashic Records. With her observational way of looking at life, Beverley also weighs in on on-line dating, where 1 in 5 relationships now begin! www.beverleygolden.com The DEB COLITTI SHOW - Akashic Records & Online Dating 3-14-12 by debcolitti