Panic To Peace & Behind Bullying

The Deb Colitti Show show

Summary: Priscilla Warner, NY Times best selling author of "Learning To Breathe" is wise, fearless, and big-hearted as she shares her journey to overcome panic and anxiety disorder to bring calm to her life. "When I finished Priscilla’s book, a smile washed over my face and I let out a sigh. I promise you will do the same.” —Meredith Vieira Meredith Melnick, TIME Magazine contributor and reporter discusses her recent article, "Should We Rethink Our Anti-Bullying Strategy?" An in-depth look beyond the symptoms, understanding root causes and strategic coping mechanisms. "Imagine if they all learned not that everyone has to be friends but that they could not be friends, with compassion and decency." The DEB COLITTI Show - Panic to Peace & Bullies 10-29-11 by debcolitti