Episode 1 - Bum Breathing (Pilot)

Skeletor's Mouthpiece show

Summary: For a hobby, this sure has proved to be rather stressful. After a day crawling about the Internet for a hosting solution we finally stumbled across PodOMatic which is by a long way the best option for us. Not only is it free to use but it was very simple for a couple of Internet mongs like us. Having never even subscribed to an RSS, let alone set one up, I am hoping this post alerts our subscribers (which we have 3 of) to new content. Failing that - you can listen online or download for free using the little download button down the bottom HERE - Skeletor's Mouthpiece - Episode 1: Bum Breathing (Pilot) Or you can subscribe through I-Tunes: I-Tunes: Skeletor's Mouthpiece Topics covered this week include: Podcasting Recommended listening Bum breathing Popeye's sex life Carrier pigeons Dual genital problems Hope you enjoy it. Tell your friends if you do. And if you don't, tell your enemies. Thank you. Follow us on Twitter ~ @SkeletorsPiece Email us on ~ skeletorsmouthpiece@gmail.com