Episode #5: Alex Nerad, The Historic Egyptian Theatre

All Things Local show

Summary: <p>Welcome to Episode number 5 of the All Things Local Podcast, and my first in my new role as acting director of the Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies. In this episode, we learn all about the Egyptian Theatre from its executive director Alex Nerad. The Egyptian supports the quality of life of this region which attracts residents, businesses, and visitors.  You might be surprised to know that the Egyptian Theatre has a $2 million direct economic impact every year, thanks to the 40,000 visitors to the theatre and it will turn 90 years old in December.  Alex reminds us that the theatre is a community centre, welcoming all generations, from all walks of life. It’s where community conversations happen. Hear about exciting plans ahead with a $4.5 million renovation. Enjoy the episode!</p>