Episode 11 Emma Goss-Custard – Honeybuns

Humans of Hospitality show

Summary: For Emma Goss-Custard, baking without flour came naturally to her as a student in the 90s.  She much preferred the luxurious texture and taste of cakes made from ground almonds and polenta.  And she kept going – even  when well-meaning  friends said her approach of replacing wheat with premium ingredients would never work.  People wanted cheap cakes with a long shelf-life, didn’t they? Luckily, her friends were wrong. In this conversation you’ll hear how Emma managed to win over customers like John Lewis and Harvey Nichols early on in her business career… and how, 20 years on, her gluten-free bakery Honeybuns, is still thriving, even though the cake world has become amazingly competitive. You’ll also learn how challenging it is to create dairy-free bakes that survive being jostled around in delivery vans…. And how Emma has turned old farm buildings into, arguably, the prettiest office-spaces in the UK.  It’s like walking into a fairy land, with bunting and twinkly lights. That’s where you join us now… Website: https://www.honeybuns.co.uk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoneybunsBakery Twitter: https://twitter.com/HoneybunsBakery Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/honeybunsbakery/ The post Episode 11 <br> Emma Goss-Custard – Honeybuns appeared first on Humans Of Hospitality.