Episode 12 James Whetlor – Cabrito Goats

Humans of Hospitality show

Summary: Cabrito’s mission is to put all billy goats born in to the dairy industry into the meat industry. Ex-chef James Whetlor knew he could something about the plight of the male billy goats, who are historically euthanised at birth in the dairy industry. James realised that goat meat had potential when his roast goat leg with lentils, salsa verde and chive flowers flew off the menu at the River Cottage Canteen around 8 years ago. Soon after, James sold his first kids to one of the Great British Chefs, Jeremy Lee at Quo Vadis. Since then his customer base has grown to include more award-winning restaurants… and with Goatober, he wants hundreds of other venues to include goat on the menu. In fact, Cabrito has a global vision: to inspire every meat-eater – from Europe to India and Australia to America – to put goat meat on their shopping list at least once a month. Why don’t we do that now? As you’ll hear it’s down to a very strange quirk of history, which has led to millions of billies needlessly disappearing. James is International Director of Goatober working with partners in America, Europe, and Australia and is a consultant for the European ‘Food Heroes’ project, which aims to end food waste in farming across the EU. James’ first book GOAT: Cooking and Eating has been widely acclaimed as genre-defining and is nominated for a James Beard award 2019. This episode is a must listen.  Enjoy. Website: https://cabrito.co.uk/ The post Episode 12 <br>James Whetlor – Cabrito Goats appeared first on Humans Of Hospitality.