Episode 20 Joy Michaud Sea Spring Seeds

Humans of Hospitality show

Summary: Michael and Joy Michaud at Sea Spring Seeds are chilli growing experts who took the world by surprise one April 1st, when they revealed they’d developed the world’s hottest chilli plant, the Dorset Naga. It wasn’t an April fool, even though it seemed absurd that this world record-breaking chilli had been reared in a lush, damp corner of Dorset, far removed from its original Bangladeshi home. The patience and dedication it takes to develop a unique and world first type of chilli was a real eye opener.  The Dorset Naga is just one of many wonderful chillis  grown by the couple – along with a wide range of vegetable seeds, carefully selected for their productivity and flavour, like the tender sweet roots of the Primo carrot! In this programme I get some great chilli-culinary tips  from Joy… as well as an insight into the huge dedication and patience that goes into creating those tiny miracles: seeds…. website https://www.seaspringseeds.co.uk Nigel the HUGE chilli plant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Bm93RBvMfc The post Episode 20 Joy Michaud <br> Sea Spring Seeds appeared first on Humans Of Hospitality.