The Novel Experience Podcast- Interview with Kay Stewart, Co-Chair Bloody Words 2011

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Summary: Hey lovers of words and stories. Welcome to The Novel Experience®, the podcast dedicated to the craft and art of fiction writing. No fluff, no filth, just fun, fascinating and fruitful discussions with authors, editors, booksellers, publishers and agents to help you fulfill your writing career. Your comments, guest suggestions and topic ideas are welcome. Episode 15: Bloody Words Mystery Conference, June 3-5, Victoria, BC Today, I interview Kay Stewart, published mystery author and co-chair of Canada's largest mystery conference, being held in Victoria, British Columbia this June. (click link above or below). Discover Kay's embarrassing writing secret (I'm amazed and impressed that she revealed it), add her excellent tips to your writer's toolkit, learn how she successfully collaborated on a mystery novel with her husband, find out about Bloody Words and why she's desperately seeking a coffin maker before June! (duration ~ 38 minutes) The Novel Experience Podcast Ep. 15 - Kay Stewart Also, hear our title track, Devil in the Details by Glynne Turner (