Rediscovering your sparkle and finding JOY, with Julie Schooler

The Tony Robbins Impact Podcast - Personal Stories of Transformation show

Summary: <p>Julie Schooler is an author of 7 books and mama of 2 beautiful tiny humans. She wants you to rediscover YOUR sparkle so is on a mission to help busy people to have all the love, energy and fun they deserve without the guilt or overwhelm. Her Easy Peasy books provide simple and straightforward information on parenting topics. The Nourish Your Soul book series shares delicious wisdom to feel calmer, happier and more fulfilled. Julie lives with her family in New Zealand, a small, magnificent country at the bottom of the world where you may find her trying to bake the world’s best chocolate brownie. Connect with her at or look for Julie Schooler on all the socials.</p> <p>Key takeaways from this episode are the following:</p> <p>Live and do JOY!</p> <p>What it means to be aware of your emotional home.</p> <p>It's possible to do 40 things from your bucket list in twelve months!</p> <p>Date With Destiny tickets are here:</p> <p></p> <p>Podcast Page:</p> <p></p> <p>Instagram: @tonyrobbinsimpact</p>