Removing the Kinks

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: Many Christians today have confused the conviction of the Holy Spirit for the enemy’s attempt at condemnation in our lives. The two are drastically different and while we must be open and heed God’s conviction in our lives, we must also stand against the enemy’s voice of condemnation. In this powerful sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy discusses that difference and reminds us that we, as Christians, should have an unhindered flow of grace in our lives. However, many of us have kinks in the “pipeline of grace”—which must be dealt with. Not only should we humbly come before God to remove the kinks, but we must also exercise humility to keep the kinks out. If you have struggled to walk in freedom and victory, or if you desire to understand how to live within the flow of grace in your life, this sermon is one you need to apply to your life.