The B*A*R*N Bubba Army Radio Network 01/24/07

B*A*R*N show

Summary: "For the Army, by the Army!" The B*A*R*N goes live and the website goes dead, not to worry Bubbaettes it wont keep us down. Mini Norm, Mongo SWAT, MsRedneck, XM & Indy keep it together. XM gives his rebutal to a recent Christmas Greeting, Bubba BBQ news, the upcoming Super Bowl and a Super Rub-Off. The Ned show recap, and what is the common denominator when you factor Elton John & Richard Simmons in the same sentence. Much compassion & non faggot love to Bubba the Love Sponge as he heals. Resident Superstar & Certified Thrill-billy SANDMAN helps to close down the show. Que Paso!!! It's the B*A*R*N still alive and well! #28