The B*A*R*N Bubba Army Radio Network 02/22/07

B*A*R*N show

Summary: "For the Army, by the Army !" Skype reeks a bit of havac on the B*A*R*N as the much anticipated MidgetMark Production of YouTube & personality Dave interview runs into difficulty. We will reschedule with DAVE and have him on a future episode. Fear not Bubbaetts the B*A*R*N continues and the show is "still standing" as Mini Norm takes charge and leads to group though the week of Bubbadom, antics, & some great music from B*A*R*N favorites BOLT & SPLIT NIXON check em out and let them know where ya found em! . SANDMAN, SWAT and Indy join together again as MsRedneck, Midgetmark69 & Mongo bounce in and out. Highlights include SWAT and the Captain, MidgetMark and SANDMAN verbally spar, and a brand spanking new HAYLOFT from Ms.Redneck. New T-Shirt designs run wild as looks for the perfect uniform change for the Official Bubba Army and updates on the SANDMAN MARK T contest. Speaking of the Resident Thrill-Billy, we bring back the exclusive BBQ Hogs interview to honor the BBQ that never was...just sayin! Special apperence from & Radio personality Chris who offers a deal that the B*A*R*N may not be able to refuse...all for you Bubbaetts.B*A*R*N Style! #32