Show 2 - Singapore Rebel

Centre Street show

Summary: SINGAPORE REBEL "Our intentions [are] basically to have a peaceful rally. We hope the police will co-operate... This is the right of every Singaporean..." We are privileged here to have our democratic rights honoured. Except for the occasional violent protest, all is peaceful in the West. So why should we worry about politics in the island state of Singapore? For Dr. Chee Soon Juan, an opposition leader, bankruptcy and jail were the answers to opposing the long-ruling People's Action Party. For so long, citizens have sacrified some of their freedoms in favour of economic benefits. This, according to Martyn See Tong Ming, filmaker of "Singapore Rebel". However, "Singapore Rebel" has been banned by a law in the asian city state for being 'partisan'. What is going on in this modern economic land? We have an interview with Mr. See. Phillip Hong reports.