Episode 104: Prospect list in podcast form

Amazin' Avenue: for New York Mets fans show

Summary: In the "Jeffrey has had a weird twenty-four hours" edition, Jeffrey, Greg, and Steve talk about the 2015 Amazin' Avenue Prospect List, which you can conveniently check out at Amazin' Avenue proper. On the podcast version, we take an overview of the Mets system and revisit the 2011 Baseball America Mets prospect list for some reason (probably it's the first one we thought to google). Next, we dive a bit deeper into Noah Syndergaard, our #1 prospect, since we weirdly haven't talked about him that much on the show. Then, we get into the kvetching about who had guys ranked too high or low and wrap up the prospect portion with a list of "our guys." Finally it's your e-mails of course, and Jeffrey wraps up the show with a now-outdated, but still shameless plug for his MLB Now appearance and a less-outdated, but no less shameless plug for his wife's concert series. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices