Referendum To Reality

IL Informed show

Summary: <p>Episode 1 - The beginning. The basics. How a bill becomes a law. But more often than not, that process is anything but basic. We look at the $15 minimum wage increase that passed in February 2019 and the long, winding road that made what seemed a ludicrous idea, into a reality. Grassroots activism, political maneuvering, absurd amounts of side-eye and potentially an assist from Republican Governor Bruce Rauner. </p> <p><strong>Credits: </strong></p> <p>Hosts: Glenance Green and Daniel Biss</p> <p>Producer: Kacie Smith</p> <p>Audio Engineer and Editor: AJ Olstad, Noisefloor</p> <p>Theme Music: Ayanna Woods </p> <p>Additional Compositions: Alexander Babbitt</p> <p>Graphic Design: Judith Mayer</p> <p>Marketing and Social Media: Amber Crossen and Lizzie Turner</p> --- Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>