088 MEX - So long A380, identity error anxiety, AFKLM fights, ETAs everywhere, red wings, Aeromexico

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Summary: Flight 088. The end of the A380. Color printing is key to enter MEX. The new world of electronic authorizations of travel. The delicate art and science of aircraft forecasting (and everybody gets it wrong). The real prices of aircrafts. Rolls-Royce is losing a ton of money. Toulouse, both a name and a city. Wings can't be red anymore. Alex flies to SFO, or at least tries to, gets humiliated on the way before experiencing a comedy of errors. Paul flies to SFO via the long route, navigating the bowels of DXB, not sure his luggage would ever follow. Process versus experience, comparing two fantastic airlines, Emirates and Cathay. Did Cathay steal the Lufthansa seats at SFO? Alex tries Aeromexico and flies over the cancelled new MEX. SFO gets an observation deck, only for Star Alliance, which might mean Etihad too soon. Air France and KLM need couple counseling. Paul gets mistaken for Jason Bourne.