TBR 96 – 2018 Sendoff

The Beer Report show

Summary: Its only 2 months since we recorded last… Groucho and CHUD did sit down for an epic drink at the end of December. Here are the results of that! (Yes, this show should have been released in January! It required editing… Grouchos least favorite thing to do!) Beers on the show: Higher Math by Dogfishhead Brewing, Goose Island Bourbon County 2010 (bottle 1944) On the show: Jazz and George Clinton Beer?Groucho has cheated on the CHUDWe solved the craft beer issue in Central Illinois! Your welcome!Shout out to “Pints and Provisions”… Another Peoria Beer PodcastReminiscing about The Good Beer Show and JeffryT.Heineken has parallels to The Ford Assembly LinePeoria Beer Nerd drama?The Cubicle of Death – CHUD’s secret Facebook group about Death Metal.CHUD lost the riddle of steel!Anyone have an Alexa in their house… Good for you!We have a million dollar idea. The Phone Box!Its hard to dump a body these days!Russians are Missourians at heart!We used the R word… Sorry.Living in the trees of California… Thats plumb crazy!Deer wasting disease.Dadding with a Teenage daughter? Groucho Laments! Podcast Dads, Jeff and Spoon… I can be your icebreaker.Uber and Drugs.Its not my birthday. TMBG gag when we had CD players. Groucho beats down the telemarketers. Its a moral choice!CHUD almost starts a rant about racism… Socialism… God knows what!Bubble bath??? Text from the CHUDLETTEBath Salts! A nine dollar bath????Petcentric?Best Beer Ever??? CHUD declares that Bourbon County as a title contender! Feedback? Bah…. We dont care! Thanks for listening! http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_96_-_Big_Beers.mp3