Charlie Blackmon cashes in

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Summary: Welcome to Locked on MLB, the daily podcast covering Major League Baseball as part of the Locked on Podcast Network and hosted by Tommy Stokke. Congratulations to Charlie Blackmon, who got paid on Wednesday. Well, he at least signed a contract that is going to get him paid handsomely for the next three years with the potential for cool checks in four years and a fifth after that.  The Rockies announced the extension, which comes out to five years with $94 million guaranteed. He gets three years before his first player option kicks in at $21 million. The final year is a player option guaranteed at $10 million, with the likelihood it becomes $15 million and the potential to reach $18 million.  That's a lot of million.  We break down the deal for Blackmon and the Rockies and then see who might use that as a comparison this offseason.  The final segment is a quick look at the two starts in New York as the Mets are 4-1 and the Yankees are 4-2. Which start is more impressive? We say the Mets, but it is only five games. The Yankees won't be tested until they play the Red Sox next week before ending April with a tough stretch. The Mets next test comes against the Washington Nationals this weekend.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit