Assessing the post-World Series Cubs and Indians

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Summary: Welcome to Locked on MLB, your daily national podcast covering Major League Baseball as part of the Locked on Podcast Network hosted by Tommy Stokke. On the 20th episode of Locked on MLB we take a look at the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians, where they've been since meeting in the World Series in 2016 and where they're headed. Both teams made the playoffs last year but suffered disappointing finishes. One was more disappointing than the other.  The Cubs seem to have the safer, wider window, while the Indians could shut before we know it. What can they do to prevent it? In the second segment of today's episode, we look at the Baltimore Orioles and what a blow up might look like. We also compare their process to that of the Cincinnati Reds, who made mistakes along the way in their rebuild, mainly starting it too late. Are the Orioles suffering the same fate? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit