iWannabes Episode 021 - October 28th 2006

iWannabes show

Summary: On this Episode (021) the geeks salivate over the new Mac Book Pros, we spit on the newest Internet Explorer, go on and on and on about iPods, while plugging other podcasts in the process. Show Notes: ----------------------------------- 1. Apple Releases MacBook Pros with Core 2 Duos - iSight's Hidden status light - 802.11n? 2. Gerry's new Podcast 3. Nielsen wants to know what's playing on your iPod (Internet TV Statistics) 4. iPod is 5 years old... what has changed? 5. Skype for Mac with Video (version 2.0) 6. 6th Gen iPod... with touch bezel... not screen. 7. Viruses on iPods? 8. (PRODUCT)red iPod... a MacBook maybe? 9. IE7 released... finally 10. Firefox 2 released 11. Facebook racing to take a huge chunk of myspace's share