Episode 26 - About College and Entrance Exams

HRA Podagogy show

Summary: College isn't the only route into a God-glorifying future but we know it will be one of the routes chosen by graduates of HRA. With that in mind we wanted to spend some time talking about college in general - who is it for, what is its purpose, how can we help parents think about their educational choices after HRA - and college entrance exams in general. One note: those of you with young children may not think this episode is for you but, trust us, you'll be facing these decisions sooner than you realize! So, Primary School parents or Upper School Dads and Moms - tune in to this episode of HRA Podagogy! Thanks to Ask Anything for our theme, Appalachian Coal Mines. The song is used under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can find more of Ask Anything's music on FreeMusicArchive.org