Christmas Rerun – 2006

The Beer Report show

Summary: Another show from the TBR Vault…  Enjoy this show from 12 years ago as Groucho and CHUD are waxing poetic of Christmas’ long ago.   Seasons Greetings! We take the holiday head-on by trying out a bunch of festive beers! This is a lengthy show… Lots of beer and non-beer talk, some drunken singing, and a song. Hopefully, a present for everyone! Beers on the show: Sam Adams Winter Lager, Sierra Nevada Celebration, Schlafly Christmas Ale, Wychwood Bah Humbug, Young’s Winter Warmer, Anchor Brewing’s Holiday Ale 2006. On the show: Dean Martin would be the guy to do Christmas with.Beer.Beer..Miatas.Beer… (Sorry, we talked about a few)Burning clove cigarettes.Witch brooms and their origins.Patrick Stewart’s Christmas Carol CD.CHUD is getting soft?Apologies – God help us!Chevy Ads with John Mellencamp.CHUD’s alternate truck ads.Prep Football.Kissing Cousins.Jeffrey T and the Library of Congress.King of Beer song.Boris the Spider… They Might Be Giant’s version of Spider.Sealed with Wax, and other great things of yesteryear… Or yestercenturyGroucho’s Thanksgiving.The Lost Duck Brewing Company in Fort Madison Iowa. (Groucho was going to Margaret’s family Thanksgiving… So, they are Groucho’s In-laws!)Anonymous posting on the TCB.Too Much Joy’s – Drunk & in Love All the beers on the Holiday show were purchased at Broadway Liquors in Pekin IL.