TBR Rerun – Chistmas 2011

The Beer Report show

Summary: Epic long show!  80 minutes…  Savor it until 2012!  CHUD swings by to record one more show before the end of the year.  Grab a few and listen in while we listen to some Christmas music and drink some amazing beer! Another Classic from the TBR Vault… Enjoy this classic Christmas Edition Beer Report with a loved one… And see if you are still loved by the end? Cheers, Groucho & CHUD Beers on the show:  Newcastle Winter IPA, 3 Floyds 2007 Behemoth, Dalton Brewing Cerberus Russian Imperial Stout  2011. On the show: Classic Everclear Channel – CHUDco Christmas record advertisement.Holiday show miss-start…  Where is Dino?Newcastle PR firm and creating buzz.Sailor Jerry and Newcastle Brown = The Castle Jerry boilermakerHoopmaster is MIA.Love for the Newcastle and how this beer works when are sitting in the current English pub.Kudos to you CHUD.Beer Advocate event visited by Groucho at Kellehers in Peoria.  The Beer Report’s beers did pretty decent.Apology to the entire population of Russia for the last show and our support of Vlad Putin.Screw aging the beers!DeStihl (Normal) on New Years Eve?Homebrewing love.Tried that beer yet Kevin?  Go Seahawks!Lets get back to O’Fallon Brewery to deliver some beer!Stone Beer Fest 2012???Zombie Christmas.Zombies Suck now!Chinese Vampire generation.Euro has got to crash!!!We need a new planet to exploit.No sympathy for the 99%.  Look around the rest of the world!Last Star Fighter reference…  Kudos to those who knew that one!Hipster Christmas albums.Dino…  The king of Cool.Bonus Beer Bob…  He’s metal, and his stories ARE better than yours…  And he DID do all that cool stuff!  The most interesting man in the world!CHUD gives Bob’s beer the re-verb lead-in.Chocolate Velvet Cake beer?Homebrewing is like underground black-metal tapes.Christmas movies.  Muppets are commies.Beer Safari Christmas Videos…  Remember when???Don’t go throwing Port wine around hoping to make a decent beer!TBR toastes Jimmy Carter!Trans Siberian Transexuals.The Killers, Hot Fuss.THANK YOU!  Toast to 2012 and many thanks to our listening public! Christmas music on the show by She & Him, Sufjan Stevens, Bowling for Soup, Dean Martin, Slow Club, 3 Redneck Tenors, They Might be Giants,  The Killers. http://traffic.libsyn.com/thebeerreport/TBR_Christmas_2011.mp3