Talking Oysters

Delta Dispatches show

Summary: <p>Welcome to Delta Dispatches with hosts, Simone Maloz &amp; Jacques Hebert. On today’s show Richard Condrey, former professor at LSU in the Department of Oceanography &amp; Coastal Sciences stops by to talk with Jacques &amp; Simone about his background, the value of Louisiana fisheries to the rest of the world, the Baton Rouge Audubon Society (BRAS) and his blog "The Great Barrier Reef of the Americas: Coastal Lessons from the Past." Natalie Snider, director of science policy at EDF also joins the show to talk with Simone &amp; Jacques about The Great Barrier Reef of the Americas, the impact the loss of the GBRA had on our wetlands &amp; marshes, the importance of oyster reefs for a sustainable coast, creating an artificial reef and much more!</p>