Pearl Farming

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: Just as a physical body has several systems that help it function and live (e.g.: respiratory, endocrine, digestive, etc) so too the Body of Christ has systems that help it live fully for the glory of God. In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy compares the physical body to the Church and explains why each of us is necessary for its function and life—although we don’t all have the same gifting, function, or role. The difficulty of being a body is that we typically think in terms of our “system” while forgetting the others are just as important—thus allowing irritants and frustration from others to distract us from Christ. The heart of this message is Eric’s appeal to allow God to take every irritation and frustration and, just like an oyster, use the irritant to produce pearls.