Ch 20: Little Bird Told Me: A Hip Free Podcast Novel and Audio Book

Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Audio Book show

Summary: Hello. This is John Rhodes with my Podcast Novel: "Little Bird Told Me", and this is chapter 20, entitled: "Finding Evidence in Columbia". I don't have too much to say about this chapter except that the character Alberto was built up around someone I knew named Alberto when I used to live in Guadalajara, Mexico, in the 60's. Also some of the ideas about the Columbian Culture mentioned were created out of what I had known about Latin culture when I lived down there. I'll leave this short, but I'll just mention, please buy my book from in audio, or in text form from as a donation to an artist who hopes he is pleasing you with his surreal twists and turns he takes you through with his prose. Also visit my Mystic Babylon Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV site at: .