Building a Website for Your Readers :: Susan Ramsey {EP 84}

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Summary: <br> MEET SUSAN:<br> Susan is a British born, Australian raised American, who is passionate about empowering women to create their own websites. She creates and customizes WordPress themes. For her, creating the websites is just part of the story – she’s obsessed with the process, and loves to help others by answering support questions; after working with Pretty Darn Cute Design for a number of years, she’s currently working with Feast Design Company. She’s also a moderator on the StudioPress community forums, and an administrator of the Genesis WordPress Facebook community.<br>  <br> WHAT WE CHAT ABOUT:<br> <br> * Fun with websites, it’s real <br> * Differences between WordPress, Squarespace, and other sites<br> * What will give you the biggest bang for your buck<br> * Proper etiquette for support calls<br> * The biggest mistake you are making on your website<br> <br> LINKS:<br> <br> * <a href=""></a><br> * <a href=""></a><br> * <a href=""></a><br> * <a href=""></a><br> * <br> <a href=""></a> <br> <br> <br> FOLLOW SUSAN:<br> <br> * <a href=""></a><br> <br> GIVEAWAY!<br> <br> * <br> Enter for your chance to win a $400 WordPress design package from Susan! Go to this link to enter: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a><br> <br> <br>  The package includes:<br> <br> * A domain name<br> * 12 months of hosting with Siteground<br> * WordPress installed on your hosting account<br> * Installation of the Genesis Framework, and your desired One Happy Studio theme<br> * Theme setup to look &amp; function like the demo<br> * Creation of a logo (to match the theme’s demo)<br> * One hour of one on one WordPress training.<br> <br> (NOTE: If you already have a WordPress self-hosted site, you’re still eligible to enter – I will install the One Happy Studio theme of your choice on your existing site.<br> SPONSORS:<br> <br> *<br> *<br> <br> Become a Sponsor! Send an email to <a></a><br> <a class="fasc-button fasc-size-large fasc-type-flat fasc-ico-before dashicons-microphone fasc-style-bold" style="background-color: #fde6e6; color: #777777;" target="_blank" href="">Leave A Review!</a><br> How to Leave a Review for the Declare Podcast:<br> <br> * Select the show on iTunes. Make sure you are on the show’s page.<br> * Click “Ratings and Reviews” under the podcast name.<br> * Click “Write a Review” under the Customer Reviews section.<br> * Write and submit your review! Thank you so much!<br> <br>