Liberty Conspiracy - 12-15-14 Debating the Morality of State-Funded Torture for Supposed 'Noble' Goals

Liberty Conspiracy show

Summary: Thanks for finding the Conspiracy for Liberty! We are a growing group of people dedicated to spreading, propagating and deepening the understanding of freedom in all its facets! In this program, we give you a spontaneous debate brought to Gardner Goldsmith by listener Witt (James). Witt posed some provocative questions about what Gard would do if her were in charge of a "unit" that had captured a Nazi like Himmler. Witt poses a hypothetical to support state-sponsored torture, while Gard uses his position to reveal how such a position would allow the state to force people to pay for torture, and if they did not want to pay, to threaten them with the very violence the Nazis used against their enemies: the threat of, and carrying out of physical violence and possible death. Music in this production is: "Killing Allin", by The Hellacopters, "Little Victories" by The Horrors, and "Repo Man", by Iggy Pop. Follow Gard on Twitter @gardgoldsmith ! - Be Seeing You!