Episode #117 of "Library of the Living Dead" - Stories AND Songs

The "Library of the Living Dead" Podcast show

Summary: Hey Ho Good Librarian and welcome to Episode #118 of "Library of the Living Dead". Lots of cool songs and cooler stories for you in this one. Here's what you get for free: 0:00 - "Zombie" 4:20 - Doc's Intro 5:22 - "Letter From The Dead" by bagabones 12:32 - "Living Dead" Phantom Planet 15:57 - "Club Dead" by Tonia Brown 22:32 - "Living Dead Beat" Children of Bodom 27:52 - "Pain" by lordastral 30:31 - "Hate The Living, Love The Dead" Misfits 33:20 - "Lucky Stiff" by Tonia Brown Chapter 1 Part 1 47:21 - "Blue Collar Zombie" SlutBand Just an hour long this time. Sorry about that. Next episode will be longer. I hope you enjoy the show. Undead Love to Y'all, Doc Link to Podcast: www.dr-pus.podomatic.com Link to Forum: www.libraryofthelivingdead.lefora.com