Sergio Troncoso: A Conversation with the Author of From This Wicked Patch of Dust

C.M. Mayo's Podcast (Marfa Mondays & More) show

Summary: As part of the series of occasional conversations with other writers, C.M. Mayo talks with Sergio Troncoso, author of the novel From This Wicked Patch of Dust. He is also the author of the novel The Nature of Truth; the short story collection The Last Tortilla, which won the Premio Aztlan; and the collection Crossing Borders: Personal Essays. Recorded on Skype, summer 2012. His website is www.sergiotroncoso.comC.M. Mayo is the author of the novel,The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, which was named a Library Journal Best Book 2009, and the collection Sky Over El Nido, which won the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction. She is also author of a travel memoir, Miraculous Air: Journey of a Thousand Miles through Baja California, the Other Mexico. She is at work on a book about the Big Bend region of far West Texas, apropos of which she hosts Marfa Mondays, a series of 24 podcasts exploring Marfa, Texas and environs. For more about these and other books and podcasts by C.M. Mayo,    >>Read the transcript of this interview