U.S. Blames Russia For Downed Airliner 

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Summary: On today’s show –<br> I will give you the entire scoop on the downed Malaysian Airliner Flight 17.  Now Kerry is calling out Russia and It’s not looking good.<br> US Army working on worlds smallest pocket drone.  The program is called the Cargo Pocket Intelligence Surveillance And Reconnaissance program or CP-ISR.  The helo weighs 16 grams and can fly for up to 20 minutes.<br> Tel Aviv University of Chemistry and Center for Nanoscience revealed they now have a portable technology that detects in real time and with amazing accuracy, explosive molecules better than a dog.<br> #OPSLAM<br> Strange News<br> iTunes Reviews<br> Listener Q&amp;A<br> Visit our website at http://ChairborneCommandos.com to post your show comments.<br>