Online Church - Church Of Truth And Spirit show

Summary:   Welcome new Online Church members, This is lesson #2 for the saints who have been called to preach the Gospel. Again there will be 10 lessons now 8 remaining to get yours in the land. Remember God calls/ordains you and we just give you the piece of paper that the law of the land requires in order for you to marry and other things in your communities! There will be a second part to this lesson on tithing. Email us at To make donations/love offerings to our ministry, we will foward you a paypal invoice in the amount of the love offering of your choice.All saints who help out the Church Of Truth And spirit will also recieve free CD's of music and sermons monthly. Remember we are "The Church Of Truth And Spirit"It's not in a building  - But in the building of the body of Christ!! CitySide Ministry Staff 850-345-4120