Episode 076 on Word add-ins with Juan Balmori Labra and Martin Seifert—Office 365 Developer Podcast

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Summary: In this episode, Jeremy Thake speaks to Juan Balmori Labra about Word add-in extensibility and Martin Seifert from OfficeAtWork Word add-in in the Office Store. Weekly updates Admins—get ready for Office 365 Planner preview! New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint OnlineOffice Dev PnP web cast—provisioning engine and reference solution with AngularJS SPTechCon Austin Hackathon The help desk demo Nik’s SharePoint Fest 2015 Chicago session deck on High Trust Provider Hosted add-in is available Easily publishing release versions of web applications to Azure Web Apps with Git, Gulp and Kudu Microsoft Graph / OneDrive —the resource could not be found How to make the new SharePoint Hosted Add-In deploy in SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 Yet another fix for “App with the same version and product ID” on-premises How and why is the community customizing SharePoint? Show notes Document assembly Word add-in sample GitHub Office JS Docs UserVoice www.officeatwork365.com Got questions or comments about the show? Join the O365 Dev Podcast on the Office 365 Technical Network. The podcast RSS is available iTunes or search for it on “Office 365 Developer Podcast” or add directly with the RSS http://feeds.feedburner.com/Office365DeveloperPodcast. About Juan Balmori Labra Juan Balmori is a senior program manager working in the Microsoft Office Extensibility team for the last 10 years. Juan’s team is currently working on the new developer platform for Office 365 Add-ins, specifically the Office JavaScript APIs for Word as well as other basic infrastructure features. During the 2013 release he was part of the team founding the new cloud based extensibility model for Office, shipping Office Add-ins (formerly apps for Office) as owner of Office.js. Previously he worked on the Office 2010 release, shipping Business Connectivity Services and Duet. Before pursuing his dream to move to Redmond, Juan worked at Microsoft Mexico as the principal architect for the Public Sector Consulting Practice. About Martin Seifert Martin is the founder and CEO of officeatwork AG, an award winning Microsoft ISV in Switzerland. officeatwork is specialized in Office Add-in development for enterprises providing templates and content solutions for Office. officeatwork solutions are installed on millions of PC’s around the globe. Martin has been working with Microsoft technologies for over 30 years and is helping in shaping the Office Web API’s together with various Microsoft product teams around the globe. officeatwork was one of the first to provide an O365 SaaS app in the Office Store, the officeatwork 365 Mail Responder as well as add-ins using the new Word API’s called Document Designer and Document Wizard, also available in the Office Store. In private he likes to be off the beaten track and explore remote parts of the planet together with his family (preferably in Australia). You can follow him on @MartinSSeifert. About the hosts Jeremy is a technical product manager at Microsoft responsible for the Visual Studio Developer story for Office 365 development. Previously he worked at AvePoint Inc., a large ISV, as the chief architect shipping two apps to the Office Store. He has been heavily involved in the SharePoint community since 2006 and was awarded the SharePoint MVP award four years in a row before retiring the title to move to Microsoft. You can find Jeremy blogging at www.jeremythake.com and tweeting at @jthake.   Richard is a software engineer in Microsoft’s Developer Experience (DX) group, where he helps developers and software vendors maximize their use of Microsoft cloud services in Office 365 and Azure. Richard has spent a good portion of the last decade architecting Office-centric solutions, many that span Microsoft’s diverse technology portfolio. He is a passionate technology evangelist and frequent speaker are worldwide conferences, trainings and events. Richard is highly active in the Office 365 community, popular blogger at www.richdizz.com and can be found on Twitter at @richdizz. Richard is born, raised and based in Dallas, TX, but works on a worldwide team based in Redmond. Richard is an avid builder of things (BoT), musician and lightning-fast runner.