Malfeasance At The Highest Levels - 08/17/12

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The fatal consequences of the still-mounting debt are edging ever-closer. They talk about the ‘fiscal cliff’. We are hurtling towards it, apparently, willfully inviting self-destruction. Lauren Lyster interviews Neil Barofski whose incredible revelations simply confirm our worst fears. Not-to-be-missed. The monthly retail statistic published this week was a demonstrable lie. George Soros in an interview with Newsweek says, “the situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career, comparable in many ways to the Great Depression”.  The hazards and dangers to society of unmet expectations and assumptions. The DHS is ramping up for general social unrest in the U.S. Obama and Romney are identical clones. The MF Global investigation revealed no wrongdoing (as I fully suspected) – just blatant stupidity and chaos. This is what I suspected all along. Gary Gibson recommends emigrating