Europe As A Window On The U.S. Of The Future - 08/27/12

The Wake Up Call show

Summary: The situation degrades every day, every week in Europe. Prolonging the agony by refusing to allow these countries to default simply aggravates the poverty and increases the debt. It’s insane.  Germany itself is now faltering economically. And the media just cry out for more monetary heroin. It is heartbreaking to see the grown men (and the German lady) flailing around in all directions with absolutely no idea about what they’re doing. One says one thing in the morning and contradicts himself the same afternoon. Another has a spat with his counterpart in another country. Several vignettes of Americans suffering through the depression. The horrendous waste in the budget of the military. It is clearly taking over the country. More on the incompetence of Bernanke. Household income is and has been declining since the “recovery” began