10: Tattoos, Jiu Jitsu, and the Good Will of Tri-Citizens | Joey Armstrong of Thunderhand Tattoo

Tri-Citizens show

Summary: Joey Armstrong moved from San Francisco to Tri-Cities. Back in San Francisco, he became a successful tattoo artist and has since opened up Thunderhand Tattoo in the Uptown in Richland. Joey is also a jiu jitsu black belt and teaches at Tri City Judo BJJ in Kennewick. We talk about how he came to do those things, as well as what brought him to Tri-Cities and why he’s glad it did.<br> Check out Thunderhand Tattoo’s website at <a href="http://thunderhandtattoo.com/">thunderhandtattoo.com</a>.  And find Tri City Judo BJJ at <a href="http://www.tricityjudobjj.com">tricityjudobjj.com</a>. <br> Thanks to our sponsor, Gravis Law — an innovative Tri-Cities law practice that strives to make the law more affordable, accessible, and uncomplicated.<br><br> Go to <a href="http://Gravislaw.com">Gravislaw.com</a> to learn more or schedule a consultation.<br> Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed the podcast, please <a href="http://tricitizens.blubrry.com/subscribe/">subscribe</a> on Apple Podcasts or other podcast directory and leave a review. New episodes come out the third Monday of every month. And I’d love to hear from you! You can follow and contact the podcast <a href="http://tricitizens.blubrry.com/contact/">here</a>.<br>