11: Teen Girl Advocate, Writer, Speaker, and Coach | Michelle Hansen of Relax, Girl! You Got This

Tri-Citizens show

Summary: Michelle Hansen has dedicated herself to helping teen girls know their worth and potential. She has written a book, Relax, Girl! You Got This | Your Guide to a Fun and Stress-Free High School Experience, to help introduce young girls to high school so they can make the most of their experience without letting stress take over.  In addition to being a writer, Michelle is also a speaker and coach.  In this episode, we talk about what she’s doing and what drives her.<br> Find Michelle at <a href="http://www.michelleahansen.com">www.michelleahansen.com</a>, where you can find her book, blog, and online community for teen girls.<br> Thanks to our sponsor, Gravis Law — an innovative Tri-Cities law practice that strives to make the law more affordable, accessible, and uncomplicated. Go to <a href="http://Gravislaw.com">Gravislaw.com</a> to learn more or schedule a consultation.<br> Thanks for listening. If you enjoyed the podcast, please <a href="http://tricitizens.blubrry.com/subscribe/">subscribe</a> on Apple Podcasts or other podcast directory and leave a review. New episodes come out the third Monday of every month. And I’d love to hear from you! You can follow and contact the podcast <a href="http://tricitizens.blubrry.com/contact/">here</a>.<br>