What A Rush Podcast – Episode 15: Al Snow

What A Rush Podcast with Road Warrior Animal, Joe Laurinaitis show

Summary: <p>What does everybody want???  How about Road Warrior Animal chatting it up with Al Snow?   The Joes talk with former ECW and WWE star Al Snow about his current life training wrestlers and traveling around the indy circuit, and what he’s doing to be in the best shape of his life.  The boys also talk about what current young wrestlers do these days to get themselves over, what works and what doesn’t.  Al also talks about a few of his business ventures which includes vitamins and supplements, a wrestling school in the UK, and the popular company Collar And Elbow.  Buy one of his shirts at <a href="http://collarandelbowbrand.com/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">collarandelbowbrand.com</a> and then go check out our latest addition at Pro Wrestling Tees</p>