Ep. 10: The Comparison Game

The Uncharted Podcast show

Summary: Hey gang! We're back!! After a few weeks of crash and burn exhaustion + the flu (*eye roll*), I'm back on the air with a very real entrepreneurship lesson and my very dear friend and mentor: Stephanie Pinch. Stephanie is calling in from Washington, D.C. this week, where she is in the midst of working 4 (sometimes 7...) jobs, reshifting her life plan and trying to get into grad school for her Ph.D. - all at the same time...NBD. This week we go a little ways down memory lane & take an honest look at how the comparison game often set's us further away from the things we want and how we know when it's time to just go for it! (Even when it means you mighttt have to be a bit unstable to get there). If you're constantly playing your own comparison game in life, find yourself frequently scrolling social feeds, or fretting about where you *thought* you'd be at this point in your life; then this episode is for you. So...buckle up! ~Cait P.S. At the end of today's episode, we refer some of