What A Rush Podcast – Episode 2: Precious Paul Ellering

What A Rush Podcast with Road Warrior Animal, Joe Laurinaitis show

Summary: <p>Joe and Joe are back for Episode 2 of the What A Rush Podcast and they welcome their first guest.   It wouldn’t be a Road Warrior/Legion of Doom show, without Precious Paul Ellering.  The longtime friend and manager of Hawk and Animal joins the show to talk about his current run in NXT along with comparing his new team, the Authors of Pain, with his old team.  Paul also talks about his daughter Rachael, who has been wrestling for a year now, and Joe and Paul tell stories from the road and their careers.  You’ll never believe who performed surgery on Paul back in 1982!   Join us for an hour-long thrill ride as these 2 old friends reminisce with stories from their 30+ years together in the ring and on the road.</p>