Leadership is Deep, Do you Have The Balls to Transform? Deri Llewellyn-Davies: The Strategy of Purpose

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Summary: The world of business has changed and that whatever position you are in, even if it’s CEO, CFO, head of CHRO, or sales person if you are going to stay relevant you better think like a entrepreneur. In fact in this time of radical disruption you better be willing to look at whatever you’ve identified yourself as, and question what if it all goes away? Our guest on this episode is Deri Llewellyn-Davies, he is known as "The Strategy Man". He is a speaker, entrepreneur and author of two books – ‘Life’s Great Adventure’ and ‘BGI Strategy on a Page’. His business career has included corporate board level roles and running twenty of his own small businesses, allowing him to speak with authority on Business Strategy. Deri’s own methodology, Strategy on a Page™, de-mystifies business strategy and gives his students practical and actionable principles they can apply to any business. A lover of adventure, Deri has climbed five of the highest mountains in the world and completed the Marathon des Sables. He continues to apply strategic discipline to both business and life in a truly inspirational way. Learn more about Deri Llewellyn-Davis at: http://bgistrategy.com http://TheStrategyMan.com More on hiring the host Dov Baron: http://FullmontyLeadership.com