Glen Mattson: Do Your Actions Determine Your Identity or...?

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Summary: Glenn Mattson, he is Principal of Sandler Training / Mattson Enterprises Inc., a consulting and training firm specializing in 3 key areas; Management, Sales and Leadership. Glen Mattson grew his practice to being the largest in the US and then on from there to becoming the largest in the world. For 21 years he’s been assisting leaders and entrepreneurs tap into the strategies and tactics they already know but aren’t fully utilizing, by helping them overcome their self-limiting beliefs. His company provides on-going support, reinforcement and networking through an alliance of business and sales professionals. He graduated with degrees in Public Relations; Organizational Communication and Development; Psychology and Sports Physiology. Typical when Glenn works with an organization they experience an increase in efficiency and effectiveness range around 30-80%. More on Glen Mattson: More on the host Dov Baron: