#164 – My advisor stole my money! A simple way to avoid investment fraud.

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Summary: Last week I got a call from a good friend. His sister-in-law believes her financial advisor has been stealing from her. I offered to help them get to the bottom of this and figure out what exactly what has been happening. Investment risk is a very real threat in today’s world. Scam artists are everywhere and many of them are very good at appearing legitimate. There are several ways to research a potential investment or adviser that will give you insight into whether or not they are trustworthy. Join me in this episode to hear my tips on how you can be confident you are working with a trustworthy advisor or find out if your current advisor is not what he seems.<br> Avoid the most common types of investment fraud.<br> Investment fraud is very common. Many of us don’t know what to look for in potential investments to verify whether it is trustworthy or not. You may not understand how everything works and feel unqualified to assess the legitimacy of the investment. However, there are a few telltale signs that will tell you whether or not you should trust the investment opportunity or advisor. In this episode, I will explain 4 of the most common types of investment fraud and walk you through how to identify them. You don’t want to miss this!<br> <br> Simple ways to make sure your advisor won’t steal from you.<br> It’s our worst nightmare, and for some of us, it has come true. Having your financial advisor, the one you have trusted with your money, steal from you can ruin your life. With so many different types of investment opportunities available today it is easier than ever to get scammed. How can you make sure the financial advisor you are considering is who they say they are and won’t steal from you? It’s actually quite easy. Stay tuned to this episode of the Retirement Answer Man to hear me explain how to check the legitimacy and trustworthiness of you advisor.<br> Your beliefs will dictate how you react to crises.<br> Believe it or not, your beliefs dictate your responses; in the easy times as well as in the hard times. While you may not wake up to find that you have been a victim of investment fraud, chances are, something will go wrong today. Rather than reacting negatively to the hardships that are inevitable, you could react with joy and happiness choosing to have a good day regardless. Do you want to know how to do this? It starts with telling yourself what you believe about the day. First thing in the morning, set your belief to be positive and you will naturally tend to react in a positive way. Listen to this episode to hear a great and simple way to do this.<br> Are Password management services a safe choice?<br> Passwords are a pain, but they are essential. In today’s world, we have more passwords than ever. Netflix account password, online banking password, cell phone account password and the list goes on and on. How do you remember all of these passwords and keep them safe? Today on the Retirement Answer Man show I interview TJ from 1Password, a top notch password management service. He explains how password managers work and why they are far more secure and easy to use than a spreadsheet or physical file. He also talks about the possible vulnerabilities of using a password manager and gives practical advice on avoiding huge password mistakes. I am confident you will learn a lot from what TJ shares, make sure you listen to the whole interview.<br> OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE OF THE RETIREMENT ANSWER MAN<br> <br> * [0:23] My advisor has stolen all of my money.<br> * [1:24] How should you begin researching a potential advisor?<br> <br> HOT TOPIC SEGMENT<br> <br> * [7:45] The most common types of investment fraud.<br> * [9:20] How can you avoid a Ponzi scheme?<br> * [12:26] Avoiding an affinity fraud.<br> * [13:10] Life settlement fraud.<br> * [17:03] Unregistered investment fraud.<br> * [17:43] How do you avoid becoming a victim of fraud?<br> <br>