#171 – J. David Stein on How Not To Gamble Your Retirement Away

Retirement Answer Man Show show

Summary: <br> Welcome back to the Retirement Answer Man show. Today begins a new series on Investing. I am very excited about being able to offer you this series and I hope you will find some value that fits your situation. In this week’s episode, we are chatting with a great guy, David Stein. He has many years of experience in the financial investing world and has seen it all. Today he shares some simple advice to help you not gamble away your retirement but rather approach your investing with clarity and confidence. Join me as I unpack the knowledge he has to offer. Stay tuned as well for a helpful tool I have found that makes your internet experience virtually ad free. Here we go!<br> <br> The Difference between Investing, Speculating, and Gambling<br> Investing, Speculating, and Gambling are very different things. While all three can make you money, Speculating and Gambling have a much higher possibility of costing you your retirement. Our special guest today is David Stein, a former financial adviser and the host of the Money For The Rest Of Us podcast. David knows the risks that are inherent in investing, he worked through the 2008 market crash and was able to come out the other side on top. His mentality when it comes to investing later in life for retirement is to take a more passive approach. When you were young and frequently contributing to your investments was the time to have riskier investments, but now may not be the best time to take those chances. Rather, you should make your investments work for you to generate the life you want. David walks through a few questions to consider when investing to determine what a healthy risk level may be. Make sure you listen to this episode to hear this fantastic conversation.<br> Marketplace trends and how to adjust to them<br> The Marketplace has trends, and David Stein says that understanding these trends and recognizing them is key to investing. If we are aware of what the markets are doing and what they might do in the future we can make educated decisions instead of gambling on the unknown hoping for a favorable outcome. Make sure you listen to this whole episode to hear David’s helpful tips on how to avoid being a gambler.<br> <br> Moderating activity as you age to safeguard your happiness<br> I was recently out mountain biking and having not done it in a while I was taking it slow. I avoided a few challenging routes until I felt comfortable in my abilities. When I finally attempted to traverse a challenging section, I crashed hard and banged myself up! Now I could have let that discourage me from going riding again, but instead, I went out again and moderated the risk by taking it slow. If you can do this in all areas of life as you get older, you will feel empowered, capable, and happy.<br> Easy tool to keep your internet browsing ad free<br> I came across a tool the other day that you can add to your web browser. It will blocks ads from showing on the web pages you visit. I am currently looking at the homepage of Yahoo Finance and it’s telling me it is blocking 44 ads. WOW! I can finally find what I am looking for without the distraction of ads and this may help me save a bit of money as well. I’ll tell you all about it in this episode.<br> <br>  <br> OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE OF THE RETIREMENT ANSWER MAN<br> <br> * [0:31] When my mother died, I took my inheritance and bought my first investments<br> * [2:00] Your investment mindset needs to change when you near retirement<br> * [3:00] It’s time to stop accumulating wealth and start making that wealth work for you<br> * [3:30] Our special guest David Stein<br> * HOT TOPIC SEGMENT<br> * [4:47] Your internet experience<br> * [5:00] Adds are pervasive and companies are great at tracking your activity.<br> * [6:40] Adblock will automatically block ads on the sites you visit<br> <br> PRACTICAL PLANNING SEGMENT<br> <br> * [8:36] Conversation with David Stein<br>