The 20MR Episode 90: Daily Mile Shout Out!

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: Download this episode (right click and save) Welcome to Episode 90 of the podcast. It's hard to believe that we have reached the completion of another 10 episodes. Thank you for joining me on this journey. It has--and will continue to be--a blast. In this episode, we discuss several running related topics including: Spibelt, running the green way in High Point, mileage update and why I am staying away from one of the highways I have been running. (Hint: it has to do with my knee). But, the main point is to share some listener email and give a SHOUT OUT! to all of my friends on Daily Mile. DM is a great place to share your training information. Think of FB for runners. Thank you to all of my friends at the site. I hope that even more of you will connect. For the truth is that you are why we do this podcast. Your encouragement and interaction are great. Why not go to DM right now and look me up? Here how in the podcast itself. Well, that's enough for now. I hope to hear from you via email or DM. Keep up the running. Thank you for listening. I feel very honored. And as always, Thanks for sharing some of the road with me, The 20 Minute Runner Download this episode (right click and save) _________________________ Links for this episode Daily Mile website Spibelt running gear The opening and closing music is entitled "Point of No Return" and is from the album by the same name by Roger Subirana Mata. Check it out at Jamendo. The song in the body of the show is "Write Your Name" by Edwin Derricutt. Check it out at Music Alley. The background music at the end is entitled "Second Half" by John Williams. Check it out at Magnatune.