The 20MR Episode 95: Remembering a Friend

The 20 Minute Runner show

Summary: Sammy and Beaver, 1999 This episode is about family...and loss. I had a discussion with my niece, Kylee, all about podcasting. We include the conversation in this, Episode 95. She is the daughter of my younger brother and very bright...and inquisitive, as you will hear. Also, I am sad to share that my oldest brother's dog of 14 years passed away about 9 days ago. He and the family are suffering the loss of a very close family member and friend. Yes, I did say family member. A recent study shows that losing a pet can be as traumatic as losing a loved one--the human kind. My heart goes out to them...and all who are suffering loss of any kind. We even dedicate a song to "Beaver." Running, however, is also a topic, of course. Listen in as we talk about upcoming race plans, all while clocking an 8:16 mile. No wonder I sound out of breath. So much for the conversational pace model. I generally run much slower, especially when I'm recording, but couldn't help myself on this recent run. It's good to be back with two episodes (94 AND 95) actually delivered on time. Thanks for listening and thanks for your patience. And as always, Thanks for sharing some of the road with me, The 20 Minute Runner _________________________ The opening and closing Music is entitled "Running" and is by The Jefferson. Check it out at Music Alley. The song heard in the body of this episode is entitled "Angles of Hope" by Roger Subirana Mata. Check it out at Jamendo. The transition piece is entitled "Down!!" by Ashleyroad. Check it out at Music Alley.