The Ellerslie Experiment

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: This message pulls no punches, hitting squarely on some of the most touchy subjects in the conservative church. It's Eric Ludy's appeal to the modern Church which seems magnetically attracted to controversy and debate in and amongst Bible-believing saints. In the Ellerslie world, every conceivable conservative denominational persuasion is represented, with every vantage point on soteriology, eschatology, baptisms, sabbaths, and the gifts of the Spirit resolutely hosted within our student body. Yikes! The opportunity is rife for potential division and contention. And yet there is a supernatural sense of order and agreement in our midst. There is one mind and one message that rings forth from the students at Ellerslie, causing the lion to lay down with the lamb (or in our case, the Calvinist to respectfully hold hands with the Arminianist). So what is our message? It's Jesus Christ and Him crucified!