The Gospel Delivery - Part 2

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: In the previous sermon The Gospel Delivery – Part One, Pastor Eric Ludy shared the ten “P’s” of Gospelteering and what it means to aggressively sow, relentlessly love, and boldly reap in sharing the Gospel. In this second sermon on the same topic, Pastor Ludy helps you share the Good News of the Gospel by providing ten questions to ask when you deal with someone’s soul. These questions will help you understand where a person is spiritually and how to lead them from death unto life. As a Christian it’s important to remember that we are not the ones who save a soul, Christ alone is, but we are used as a mouthpiece by the Holy Spirit to declare the way of salvation. For those who have struggled with the practical aspect of evangelism, this sermon will be a great help to you.