The B*A*R*N Bubba Army Radio Network 02/08/07

B*A*R*N show

Summary: "For the Army, by the Army !" How bout it Bubbaettes! After all the heat from last weeks show it feels like spring in the B*A*R*N, good! Great to know y'all are paying attention. We bring it back this week in our 30th show filled with Bubbadom, New Music, New Fans, New NFL Champs (go Colts just sayin...} It's a full house with Mini Norm, Mongo, MsRedneck,SWAT, SANDMAN, Lerch, (Hi Lisa) MidgetMark, & even Indy who pops in for a bit. Check out the kick ass band BOLT that cracked out "Junkie & Wasted Time" Bolts new cuts that we featured this week. Contact BOLT @ and let Jason Miller and BOLT hear from ya! Thanks Jason!! Midgetmark give the SANDMAN T-Shirt Details, Sandman by popular demand misses the bullet and goes through the floor as the "Gayloft" re-haunts the resident Superstar. In addition the calls keep coming for the SANDMAN Mark T-Shits that MidgetMark is making up...listen to the end of the show to hear some real good ones...International Style...SAT IY!! All for you this week from the B*A*R*N ! #30