The Firing Squad show

Summary: On this episode, Fort Nox and Jerzy Girl talk about Diddy's son, Christian Combs and his crew CYN and their decision to jump in the rap game. After 20 years of putting out hot music, has Bad Boy fell off by allowing his sons to just jump in the game without paying dues? During the infamous episode of "Making The Band, Diddy forced the members of "Da Band" to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get him a slice of cheesecake. However his kids havent been seen paying any dues to get their shine. Is this fair or just a part of the game? Follow us for more fire: M-F 6-8 AM EST Twitter / Instagram : @FiringSquadShow Got Dope Music? Follow us across social media to get a week of FREE Promo on your song or video!!! https://instagram.com/HoodChart https://facebook.com/HoodChartRadio https://twitter.com/HoodChart https://twitter.com/HoodChartRadio